Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Gift that I've arranged for you to receive from Marcia Wieder "The Dream Coach" - 10 premium books
Video Insider's Trends & Predictions for 2009. Gives you some perspective and food for thought.
An often overlooked interview with Chip Heath of Stanford discussing how to craft a message that sticks
A Top Interview from 2008 with Google's CEO Erik Schmidt discussing the future of business
Write articles to build links & traffic. Include a link bait web page for people to link to for you to share
Web 2.0 success requires you follow audiences, not the technologies - Top Post from 2008 Please Retweet
Celebrating the close of 2008 10 Hours left to SAVE $10 and REBATE $10 for Social Media "Economy of Action" Guide!
Another cause for pause shared by @RockyNate. 1/3 of page visitors don't know how to scroll down a page. Critical design/layout thought.
Optimize for mobile marketing and integrate into your business plan - Top post from 2008 Please Retweet
Super SEO tip I got from @RockyNate When connecting links and graphics in your site, use the full path with http and not a "relational" tag.
Morning all! 8 SEO tips to keep in mind to capture your share of the average 60% traffic from organic searches

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The incoming administration explores future role of Social Media use by the U.S. Government and Agencies
Michael Calore of Wired Magazine identifies 6 web technologies that you need to implement now!
Prepare your site for the changes ahead by optimizing for the future as predicted by Jason Barrett
Interesting tip on how to increase the number of RSS Subscribers from Glen Allsopp
Empower your use of Google Analytics so that you can begin to really understand your marketplace
Thanks to @MSCopeland for Akshay Java's dissertation on Social Media. Download it:
Thanks to @MSCopeland to Akshay Java's recent dissertation on Social Media. Download it here:
Thanks to Kaare Pedersen for this gift video from Enjoy photos of nicheprof & friends
In case you missed these earlier this month, 50 useful and powerful CSS tools
Press release distribution service adds Yahoo Buzz to their social media redistribution channels
Journalist's case study on the power of retweeting for journalists and news agents + (RT)
Search Engine Rankings are the crack cocaine of the uninformed client!
Jeff Beale's top 10 social media marketing sites for 2008. Jeff may know SEO but he miss classifies SMO sites

Monday, December 29, 2008

10 tips for blogs and Twitter from the
Lawyer’s Guide for Engaging in Social Media
Look back at some to the social media shakeout in 2008 and a couple of sites you may want to know about
1st in a Series of top posts from 2008 you'll want to bookmark today! SEO Myths debunked - Please Retweet
First part of new series on using Google's Website Optimizer ( Get it right!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Download Free Twitter Case Study! Have a twitterific 2009. My "Economy of Action" Guide! Limited Time $10 Rebate
Mashable identifies 20+ More Greasemonkey scripts to use on Facebook. Get greater control and enjoyment
Join the nicheprof on at 12:30 EST Today- call number: (718) 766-4782 listen live or download
Harvard's Study looking at the relationship between print journalism and online news delivery and interaction
Discover the power of social networking in small towns and communities that surround you
The 80/20 rule applied to social media and a social media network you may want to join or bookmark
Good morning all. Your online success may depend upon having a functioning and clear privacy statement

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Are you feeling hungry? A social network for professional chefs and those cooking at home to interact
A cluster of free PR and Marketing resources available for you to use online
A social bookmarking site dedicated to WordPress and those who support the WordPress blog platform
These suggestions about what to look for in someone offering SEO training also are true for SMO training
A nice Christmas Gift for yourself. Book Review - Secrets of Social Media Marketing" By Paul Gillin.
Discover Ways to Use Twitter and to Benefit from Social Media Platforms I spill the beans on effectively using Twitter
Revisit to Mashable's list of over 130 Web Design Tools. Become a better and faster web designer now

Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking for suggestions on using a HDTV or Plasma unit across a room as an extra or primary monitor. Anyone doing this or have advice?
Important issues to be aware of when seeking employment, advancement or applying for school admission
Randfish proposes that we come to a better understanding of the domain name structure you choose to use
Do you want to automate your page making process? Do you like bonuses? Want Dead Simple? 35+ Gifts available
This article responds to two important questions consultants should address with offline businesses.
100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Promotion Tips. Targeted at Indie Music but works for everyone!
Given the "social" aspect of social marketing, you'd be amazed at what shows most used words in word clouds for the pros @
A Must Bookmark! Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim shares their top 10 posts from 2008
Exploit the relationship between SMO and SEO to propel your online activities Social Media Optimization
15 minute downloadable interview of SMO expert Neil Patel. Discover SMO's traffic and link potential
6 SlideShare Presentations by Vanessa Fox and Nathan Buggia from the 2008 Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! CLICK HERE To Enjoy all 25 Days Worth of Holiday Gifts! Then take time to be with Family and Friends!
Was Santa good to you? New Video Gear? Place to learn about filmmaking, videos, editing, tools and more!
Protect your reputation. Use these 10 free tools to monitor your reputation online. Thanks, @jeffisageek

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2009 and Beyond to All!
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2009 and Beyond to All!
Discover additional power recently added to Google Search style. Google Reader & Image Search change
7 Free Spider Simulation Tools to Evaluate a Web Page from Ann Smarty and the Search Engine Journal
Discussion about the value of "long-tail" keywords as an ongoing SEO practice.
According to Rochelle Garner of, Rocky days are ahead for Silicon Valley in 2009
Ben Sutter shared this Christmas Story with Carl Galletti. Carl & I encourage you to share it with others!
An interview with Elves... social elves... that is! Social Elves and their work with Digg!
Advice on using your social network profile as a marketing platform from the Insurance industry
My Christmas Eve 2008 Goodie Bag and First 24 Days of FREE Holiday Gifts are Ready for YOU! Have A Wonderful Holiday!!!
Cause to reflect upon your life. @KenMcArthur reads of the death of Ken McArthur! What will be your legacy?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Calling it an evening tonight to spend some wife time. I'll have holiday gifts 23 & 24 out early tomorrow. Catch up here
Liam Lahey of the eChannel Line considers whether social networking will continue to be the "new" killer app
Harry Gold shares a plan for using social media platforms to brand and connect with others
Harry Gold shares a plan for using social media platforms to brand and connect with others
Harry Gold shares a plan for using social media platforms to brand and connect with others
Twitter under the microscope, "Real Data" culled from hundreds of thousands of profiles by HubSpot

Twitter for Marketing and PR

An important SlideShare Presentation showing how to use Twitter and PR:
Twitter under the microscope, "Real Data" culled from hundreds of thousands of profiles from HubSpot
Looking for guidance on setting your rates for social media consulting? This should help! Follow the links!
After spending time, energy, effort and money getting visitors to your website. Why not keep them?
When considering optimizing (optimising) for mobile search, you should optimise (optimize) for Google
Discussion of some of the ways that marketers are "really" using social media and social networking sites
Don't overlook referring to "Just Tweet It" at to locate possible relationships & contacts by category & skill set
Clarifying my last tweet: Use both accepted spellings of a word as it is used in a culture. Optimization=73,400,000 Optimisation=16,900,000
A frequently overlooked insight: don't neglect a large market by only using "optimization" and not also "optimisation" in tags & keywords! make that 10...reasons you and your clients need social media marketing in 2009 and beyond
Ever stuck for photo images? I've had great success here Be sure to check license terms but flexible photographers
A collection of 10 social media tools for you to use alongside PR Professionals and Journalists.

Monday, December 22, 2008

eMarketer forecasts over 800 million mobile social network users worldwide in 1012 vs 82 mil in 2007
Volume of U.S. wireless subscribers who accessed social networks via mobile device increased 182 percent
Just got news from Andy at that they are able to restore all but links and data between 5am and 2pm They need to be recreated
Steve Sponder, reveals how Social Media Optimisation, can work hard to make your brand more successful online.
Use to create drops. Privately share your files by web, email, phone, fax, and more. No Cost Base. Facebook App too
I Like Sharing Videos is a primary video sharing resource (WARNING ** also indexes adult video sites)
Discover what scholars at MIT Sloan have found to be "The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World"
@LeeOdden's "Best Podcasts on Social Media" Great Resource! Don't Forget
The most important step in social media is to listen. You have to absolutely listen to what’s being said
Avoid Disaster! Discover why you need to include Social Media in Your 2009 Marketing Plan Read Notes
Useful tips on using lists as "link bait" to build links. It may be frowned upon by some but it still works
Tips on using lists as "link bait" to build links. It may be frowned upon by some but it still works
Tips on using lists as "link bait" to build links. It may be frowned upon by some but it still works
Tips on using lists as "link bait" to build links. It may be frowned upon by some but it still works
Ann Smarty shows how to build links by sharing "How To" Articles and content. Revelations in the responses!
Tips on using lists as "link bait" to build links. It may be frowned upon by some but it still works
SlideShare Ribbon for PowerPoint 2007 lets you use most features of SlideShare from within PowerPoint.
Chris Garrett provides insights into growing your Twitter Followers and Blogs and your respective tribes

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Free 30 Vol Marketing Strategies Set with Full Private Label Rights (PLR) + PLR Video Article Sets with Rebates
Dennis McDonald discusses challenges the incoming administration & government face using social media
MSNBC reports on use of Social Networking to connect in these times of employment and economic uncertainty
Video interview of Twitter CEO Evan Williams reveals which possible uses for Twitter excite him the most
How to use of the FriendFeed feed widget to pull your social content from FriendFeed and display it
Press Releases can drive traffic a useful gateway for the free distribution of targeted press releases
An "Oldie but Goodie" from @ChrisBrogan showing 50 ideas for using Twitter for your business.
Great Twitter Advice Be Other-centered. Point to someone else's ,blogs, articles, studies.Thanks @TobboM
Thanks @problogger and @perrybelcher for these 3 great ways to engage your visiting reader to your blog
Restaurants use Facebook to connect to customers. Pizza Hut beginning to use Facebook
Join me BlogTalkRadio at 12:30 EST Today- call number: (718) 766-4782 listen live or download
7 Rules for establishing a corporate presence on Twitter
Small businesses can use social media platforms to leverage themselves online to expand their reach
Web techniques that can build buzz for small businesses in a cost effective manner
Interview (audio and transcript) of an inteview that Kamla Bhatt did with Tim O'Reilly (@timoreilly)
Good Morning Tweeple! Good tip on getting "deep links" from social media sites. from Brian Armstrong

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Letters to the Editor takes on new meaning as it evolves into comments to the community
The next generation of learning can be self-paced and is grounded in web 2.0 and social media
Businesses should not fear the implementation of a social network, but what will happen if they don't
**CORRECTED LINK**Free Holiday Gifts Days 19 and 20 of 25 All items available for immediate download no optin req.
Examples demonstrating the need to be aware of potential legal exposure risks of Web 2.0 platforms and use
Case Study showing how to extend your brand with video compliments of @WayneSutton
Great - - specialist online TV resource aimed specifically at UK small businesses
"Social networks that matter: Twitter under
the microscope" 9 page paper available to download here - Enjoy
Darren Rowse suggested that we check out these 9 SEO WordPress plugins identified by Shawn Jooste
TWEET WARNING...I've just had the second occurrence of a user @RickLomas posting a fake tweet attributed to me. They are NOT from me!
Junta42 data indicates an increase of social media content is at heart of marketing plan for 2009

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pheedo's new video RSS syndication service - Video Ads for Feeds provides content and monetization on the go
"A Web site that is not optimized for natural search is the equivalent of an unlisted telephone number," an observation from Stephan Spencer
Discover how to attract customers efficiently by using these 5 CRM Tools. Most are free to use.
Are you missing these same ROI variables on your analytics? Digital retailer practices
One man's opinion of which social media sites are worth the time investment. My personal list is longer
WSJ reports increasing importance of Social Networking Platforms to Financial Services and Recruiters
Discover how building relationships can empower link building efforts
8 step strategies to effective use of videos for generating traffic, relationship building & positioning
Mary Bowling reveals the importance of claiming your local search engine placement
Discover the positive impact LinkedIn, Twitter & Social Networks may have on the Search Process
Another set of powerful Twitter tools that a follower shared with me and I'm returning the favor
Marketing on the Internet is not really free. The cost may be paid with time or money but it will be paid
Just received a note from @JasonGoldberg that his popular has been acquired by Xing
16 must have Twitter tools that you may have overlooked.
Social Media Marketing is in the extremely early stages of development and explosive growth lies ahead!
A video profit formula for virtually any business to include video in the social marketing strategy

Thursday, December 18, 2008

NO PERSONAL INFORMATION REQUIRED TO DOWNLOAD! Day 18 of 25. All Gifts Are Available for Immediate Direct Download
Thanks to @JonathanGunson for his colorful and creative holiday wishes to hiw Twitter Followers
"Small Business TV" video series showing small business owners why they need social media marketing
3 ways to protect yourself from social networking malware Practice safe social networking
The place to monitor current trends in SPAM and Malware. Current Reports available for free download
6 SEO & 6 SMO things to look for when evaluating the potential of someone to assist you and your business
Register to join Dan Janal & Marc Harty at 5pm EST today. They reveal secrets to PR Marketing on a teleseminar
New post in SEO links series from Gyuntae Park. 6 SEO Experts reveal how to build the best natural links
Part of a series of posts discussing the use of links to improve your SEO rankings.
Don't Miss Today's Insider Secrets of Online Press Releases & Mastering PR Web Teleseminar
How Google's SERP changes might impact approaches to SEO and content versus potential manipulation
Superb Free Web 2.0 Resource Library from Oracle as part of their WetPaint wiki
Good WordPress SEO advice and warning not to open up both tags and category pages to SEO
Consider Atomkeep as an added free online social aggregator that is particularly helpful for career and resumes
Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim shares his list of 21 of the best WordPress Plugins for new blogs
How SEO may differ between optimizing for Google and Yahoo. Why not do both?
Specific tips and priorities for YouTube Video SEO from Search Engine Strategies Chicago Conference
THE Social Networking site for a true football fan is here just in time for the Playoffs and Super Bowl!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Matt McGee uses data from Forrester Research to share his 7 traits of a Social Media Friendly Web Site
Predictions from Advertising Age on what lies ahead for the U.S. and the world of social media in 2009
Zappos provides a case study for a corporation handling a "transparent" layoff using social media
Research indicates the use of social networks among small businesses will double over next 12 months.
An assortment of free social media icons that can add visual vitality to your pages.
Use this as a content resource for small business owners and when working with small business owners.
Thanks for the unexpected validation! It is Appreciated. Download Your Free Holiday Gifts Today

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'd like some suggestions for the content and items you'd like me to include on Just post them to @nicheprof or DM me
Download a 147 pg review of current & developing use of social networking (Web 2.0) in higher education
Niche Social Network: is a PR4 Christian Based Social Networking Community
Clear description of how to use Twitter Groups to maximize and optimize your Twitter interactions.
Baby Jane of Social Media Watch identifies the "Top 5 Social Media Sites as of December 2008"
Just finished call with @themediaczar WOW! "You ain't seen nothin' yet in the social media applications arena" til you see what he's planned
Discover 10 Ways to Write Better Ads is the Day 15 Free Holiday Gift. Immediate Download of 1st 15 days of gifts
In case you missed this: 20 Online resources for learning AJAX. Excellent starting place!
Morning all. A social media laugh from Chris Applegate: 20 signs you should avoid a social media project

Monday, December 15, 2008

DEI announces first of its kind research report, "The Impact of Social Media on Purchasing Behavior."
Download Free Executive Summary of Marketing Sherpa's 'Video Marketing Benchmark Guide"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Get Free Niche Video Creator as Your Free Holiday Gift for Day 14 of 25 Just 5 Hours Left in My Rebate Weekend
Congratulations to @WillieCrawford and @DrMani for the love your tribe is showing you on It is well deserved.
Waiting for @techcrunch to post on Sam Sethi's new TwitBlog. This is a look at his last project

Saturday, December 13, 2008

List of compatible plugins for WordPress 2.7 upgrade Consult before upgrading
You have to find alternatives to Corporate Press Releases and Corporate Blogs to foster consumer trust
Open Goo is an nnline social media application for office collaboration in an open source environment
Useful WordPress Plugin from @JoelStarnes that allows you to take control of your WordPress presentation

Friday, December 12, 2008

Reminder from Eric Banter about things to keep in mind while nurturing a relationship with your followers
Newly created WIKI of Peter Kim's Social Media Marketing Examples
Peter Kim's list of Social Media Marketing Examples - Updated November 23, 2008
Microsoft Window's Live counters Google's Friend Connect and Facebook's new Friend Connect applications
Are you a Social Media Sinner? Check Tamara Weinberg's post on Social Media Etiquette
A network of bloggers can increase targeted traffic by 300% a day. The author experienced it first-hand
@Robert Plank's tip for what he calls an "Idiot proof formula to turn audio products into video" Simple & Effective
15 Social Networks for wine lovers, wineries and wine professionals
Security warning about people using videos and YouTube to hack into your computer
Discover how to be a Twitter All-Star. A game plan from Denise Zimmerman (President & CSO of NetPlus Marketing)
Free Holiday Gifts From the NicheProf Day 11 of 25 Immediate Download Access to 1st 11 Gifts Thanks!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Transcription summaries from SMO segment at Search Engine Strategies meeting shared by Barbara Rozgonyi
Michael Hyatt's Beginner's Guide to Twitter. Michael uses the micro-blog as part of his business plan

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today is Day 10 of 25 in my Free Holiday Gifts Program - Immediate Download Access to All Gifts Get your gifts now!
Avoid the Hype! Jerry West exposes the "Real" Conspiracy Behind the Release of "The Arbitrage Conspiracy"
Paul Dunay's list of C Level Executives (CEO's, CMO's, CIO's, etc)who have Confirmed Twitter Accounts

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Holiday Gift Day 9 Immediate Download of All Gifts + Optimize WP Blogs with Free Plugins New Guide & Bonus
See how one community has developed a portal to serve the people and businesses of the Detroit Area

Monday, December 8, 2008

RT @timoreilly, @sarawinge, @nickbilton & others find Twitter to be a smart & valuable business tool
Brad Geddes addresses 9 specific beliefs relating to Landing Pages and Google Quality Score
Thanks to @JeanAnnVk for reminding me a prior tweet for Jane Copland's Social Media Marketing Tactics
Strong rationale for discovering potential of Social Media Optimization (SMO - Social Media Optimisation)
Time for Free Holiday Gifts! Day 8 of 25 + Merry Nichemas 2007 Revisited! Immediate Download Access to All Gifts
4 simple tips advertisers can use for effective CPL campaigns and guaranteed returns on online marketing
6 professionals discuss branding and the most effective strategies to consider for 2009

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11 new gifts added to my- Free Holiday Gift Day 7 of 25 Merry Nichemas With Immediate Download Access to All Gifts
Join me on at 12:30 today call in number: (718) 766-4782 The show will be loaded with goodies!
Solid interview on Sunday Today with Sree Sreenivasan Columbia Univ (@sreenet) on monitoring online reputations for job seekers and students
This NY Times Last Word Video Obituary for Odetta merits the investment of 20 minutes of your Sunday
Increasing importance of Social Media Optimization (SMO) in achieving "organic" search listings

Saturday, December 6, 2008

60+ PLR Templates & Graphics Holiday Gift 6 of 25 - Immediate Access to All Gifts. Merry Nichemas
First in series of posts designed for those wanting to become consultants...and surviving the decision!
If you blog, this is required reading from Chris Brogan
Mobile Marketing Data you need. Summary of the world's largest mobile social networking survey

Friday, December 5, 2008

**456 PLR Holiday Articles Immediate Download Access to First 5 Gift Packages - Free Holiday Gifts Day 5 of 25 -
Free 70 page roadmap to model social networking & social media strategies for brick & mortar businesses

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How many different items do you have on your content delivery menu to feed the Google Spiders?
Hi gang, you can download the first 4 free holiday gifts from my 25 days of thank you gifts from this page
13 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO) aka social media optimisation
Over 50% of U.S. consumers with Internet access use social networking services and that will grow
Download New Epsilon CMO Survey Highlights Shift to Digital Marketing; Decrease in traditional Marketing Budget

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Update to my free RoboForm post contributed by Ruth Marie Sylte on Facebook. The link I gave is for Windows Users Only
If you are not using RoboForm, you should be! Protect yourself & your identity online now
5 Tips - Avoid becoming an unwilling case study (like I did) when someone hacked my Facebook account
A look into the potential future of Twitter from its co-founder and CEO discussing Twitter business model
Social bookmarking site in beta mode that is already pulling a PR4. Add it to your web 2.0 arsenal

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It appears that my Facebook Account may have been hacked. Ignore any messages out of charachter for me. No contests or the like. PW changed

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just spoke to my friend @ElsomEldridge He is undergoing more tests in a Texas hospital. He hopes to get laptop access tonight. Send Wishes
Thanks for the note on closure of on December 15th @BeckyCortino Expect some micro-blog consolidation in months ahead.
I just got notice that I've been "whitelisted" for Google's new "Friend Connect" social platform so keep your eyes open and connect with me
Looking for advice on Moodle and eCommerce continuity. The same for any with experience with Mals-e Shopping Cart and mTracker Aff Program
**You Are Appreciated - You Get A Gift From Me Each Day For The Next 25 Days - Today Get "7 Days to Easy Money"
PostMapper is a geographical bookmarking tool. Use in many creative ways on your sites & blogs.
5 case studies illustrating uses of social media and their potential for impact. Facebook and beyond