Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolve to Enjoy Life Even More Right Now! in 2011 and beyond!
Gift 5 - Time Management Mastery for Busy People RT & Share Join me on #Amplify
Gift 4 - Resolve to help Yourself Through Helping Others RT & Share Becky & Roger this ...
A glimpse of things to come and a major reason to discover and use #Amplify as a triggering device
3rd Gift - How to Set Realistic New Years Resolutions and Keep Them! RT & Share
Effective ways to set solid resolutions for the year Join Nicheprof here RT & Share
The second welcoming gift to members of my community joining #Amplify and all other friends a followers http://lenq....
**Important New Year's Message, Gifts and Wishes of Health and Prosperity for 2011!
To celebrate the New Year, I've invited my online community to join #Amplify I'll post free gifts for all hourly htt...
Media Maven @ChrisPirillo take a look at the new Skype Video Chat and a variety of Apple Devices
Top 10 RSS Readers for Android
Are you serious about changing your behavior or successfully completing your New Year's Resolution? This is the key ...
An important message for your New Year's Resolutions & plans for 2011 from: 6 Keys to Being Excellent at Anything
If you want to save on your Grocery bills in 2011, bookmark and Great Bu...
90+ Development & Design Resources for Building Better Sites and Apps

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Viveka Von Rosen shares how you can use LinkedIn to share your upcoming event
New Study shows: Sixty-Five percent of Internet users have paid to download or access some kind of online content ht...
Are you ready to play detective? Use Blekko To Find Your Competitors Sites Via AdSense Pub ID
Web Video Production Advice For Aspiring Filmmakers – Interview With Demand Media
5 Tips for Setting Up a Video Blogging Room by James Adams Also curated here:
I just received a note from a friend asking about domain extensions. Sent him this list
Chart comparing mobile advertising networks curated infograph to
10 Videos Tutorials for GIMP Basics
Allison Boyer (@allison_boyer) creative tip for turning Twitter into a feed reader
Email Marketing: Here are five ways to create a more social experience for your customers in the New Year
mom, this is how twitter works. | not just for moms!
Mobile Advertising Networks via @GeorgeDearing by @markfidelm on #flickr
The Best Day of the Week to Send Email - According to Jay Levinson
When To Tweet and Post - SocialFlow Tries to Crack Science of Twitter
Skype Gets 3G and Wi-Fi Video Calling on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
10 Grand Life Lessons From Albert Einstein | The Universe...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jay Baer has culled through 150 posts to re-post his 10 most read posts from 2010. Bookmark these for reference! htt...
Jay Baer has culled through 150 posts to re-post his 10 most read posts from 2010. Bookmark these for reference!
**WP URGENT SECURITY NOTE** Update ASAP! Fixes a core security bug in WP Matt Mullenweg rates release as “critical...
6 trends that should help entrepreneurs make the most of this exciting social media marketin...
7 ways Top Performers are maximizing the value of their investments in social media monitoring initiatives http://bi...
How to back up your social media data - including Facebook
Dr. Angela Hausman needs our help,so, please consider sharing your experiences with social listening with her http:...
What Is The Best Free Video Editor? Matt Hartley Bookmark the following thread ht...
Ana Hoffman @webtrafficcafe shares her Perfect Recipe to Building a Popular Blog – Step by Step
For those of us living in the United States, may we take this message to heart and put it into action!
Inquiring minds want to know The same advice applies to topic, niche or geo-specific content
How might a "Who We Are" Statement like this one from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams contribute to your business http:...
Eleven key consumer trends to watch in 2011 More Social Media Research curated here: http://len...
Aaron Goldman (@aarongoldman) goes out on a limb with 10 Crazy 2011 SEM Predictions more here ...
As you turn the calendar pages to a new year...what will you write in your next chapter?
Facebook Video Marketing With Brian Solis – Tips For A “Socialized Business Strategy” mo...
Discover HOW TO: Create A Call To Action In Small Business Video more here http://l...
Web Videos That Suck For Business And How to Fix Them - Learn From the Mistakes of Others
Web Video Audience Development Strategies With Jim Louderback CEO of Revision3 by Jeremy Scott
15+ Best Articles to Build your Success with Twitter | #SocialMedia
10 Ways To Dramatically Increase Your RSS Feed… | Ink Rebels
Social Commerce 101: Leverage Word of Mouth to Boost Sales | ClickZ

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Small Business Strategies: Yep, time to de-clutter again
SEO, Right From The Start
Download Social Media Research - CEOs (esp B2B companies) assume that because they aren’t using social media
Expanding Open - Vladimir Putin Orders Russian Government to Switch to Free Software by 2015 [28Dec10]
And then there were 3. @shonali offers valuable social media advice for business owners
Do You Do Presentations? Get it Done - 6 Free Chrome Apps & Extensions for Small Businesses
"Social Networking is the most important business development of the year [2010]." Harvard Business School
Topping off 2010 - How Social Networking Has Changed Business [23Dec10]
Untapped Research Potential - STUDY: On Facebook, Angry People Are More Popular [23Dec10]
A Gold Nugget For Increasing Your Online Influence
Manpower survey reveals 84% of employees have indicated they will be looking for new j... *
Missouri Legislature Needs to View This - AT&T pulls no punches with anti-text video [video]
Put Your Best Tweet Forward: How to Schedule Tweets for Maximum Exposure
Just added Timely to Social Media Tools thread Timely optimizes timing of your tweet htt...
Let's get real about Android
If you want to be a productive geek, @JasonHiner says these are 25 must have iPhone Apps
Are you making good use of the transparent Twitter side panel?
If you use Windows 7 here are 19 Tips Every Windows 7 Needs to Know
eCommerce Video Trends To Watch: 2011 to be the year in which eCommerce video becomes a standard on retail sites ht...
Just get an iPad? Paul Miller of Engadget has identified the best apps, accessories, and tips
Use an iPhone or Android to take photos? Check 10 Apps mentioned by @iPhonegirl curated here
If you use an iPhone or Android to take photos check these Apps mentioned by @iPhonegirl curated here

Monday, December 27, 2010

Facebook in 2010 - The Top 30 Most Useful Blog Posts on Facebook
Steve Garfield says Get Involved Now, Get Fancy Equipment Later - Get Seen!
The Top 30 Most Useful Facebook Blog Posts of 2010
Steve Garfield says Get Involved Now, Get Fancy Equipment Later - Get Seen!
5 Reasons Why Businesses That Should Be Doing Online Video, Don’t (And How To Overcome Them)
Optimize video hosted on your own website to perform better in search results than using YouTub...
Tutorial Showing You How To Add Video To Your LinkedIn Profile – Curated Video Tips & Tools ...
New Video Guide to Video Production Basics
Bookmark These Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page for Later Reference
10 Best Social Mobile Apps of 2010 by Martin Bryant (@MartinSFP) Curated here: Direct Link - ...
8 Social Media Apps to Watch in 2011 from Lauren Fisher Also curated with other tools here http...
If you are interested in QR Codes Paul Simbeck-Hampson has a curated bundle and...
Over 290+ Social Media Resources From 2010 by @emibanks I've curated it with other resources here:
Over 290+ Social Media Resources From 2010 by @emibanks I've curated it with other resources here: 290+ Social Media Resources From 2010
50 Best Web Apps of 2010 | Webification
50 Best Web Apps for 2010 just added to my Social Media Tools Vault here:
Local Markets Take Note - How Google plans to dominate location in 2011 with 9 different products

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Top 40 iPhone Apps of 2010 from Alex Ahlund
What does your brain want?
Daniel M. Russell (of Google) Shares Search Cheat Sheet showing 20 of the top tricks & search operators
13 Productivity Tips for using Social Media from Mike Brown (@brainzooming)
A process for using Facebook Insights to grow your Facebook Fan Page
Become Social Networking Guru With 45 Handy Twitter Tools
How to Become a Thought Leader in Six Steps
Storytellers & Storytelling Telling difference - How You Can Win Campaigns, Build Movements, and Change the World
Social Media is what you make of it. Social Media can be a long process where some merit attention and some not
‎8 Tips for Embracing Change in Social Media By @SuzanneVara
Influence is not a Mathematics Game. How Do We Build Influence? We build influence by communicating. @SuzanneVara
You manage your brand by being around; being attentive; being consistent and understanding it's still YOUR brand!
View 7 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Stunning Brands Presentation by @jaybaer & Bookmark this
Join our School of Social Marketing BTR show on now Call (718)766-4782
Join our School of Social Marketing BTR show on now Call (718)766-4782
Devour these morsels from @MarjorieClayman - 100 favorite posts of 2010
Social Media is what you make of it. Social Media can be a long process where some merit attention and some not

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Deleted - Why Your Social Media Content Stinks
Radical Transparency - A Breach Of Trust [24Dec10]

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have A Joyous Holiday Season and Prosperous New Year
This Directory is first in a series of Professional Directories we'll be publishing.
Are you a Hypnotist, NLP or EFT Practitioner? Know One? Affiliates Welcome. Write ...
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Nichemas! A gift from the Nicheprof to help you get organized
Social media can benefit almost any company's business model
Innovative, successful firms are the ones that promote women - Columbia Business School
Katy Cowan's reminder to have a broad Social Media presence and then joining it all together for a greater synergy. ...
So...You want to be a Social Media Consultant

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Social Media Search Targets Quality Followers Similar To Quality Links by Ron Callari Includes Matt Cutts Video htt...
Website Magazine reports Professional networking site LinkedIn has made several dramatic improvements. http://bit.l...
Check the social availability of your brand on & then discover how to create and manage your brand online...
A holiday gift - Amit Agarwal @labnol 101 Websites you'll want to Bookmark
Find Success - 75 Essential Small Business Resources From 2010 [22Dec10]
Eulogy - Crowd-Sourced Johnny Cash Video Scores Grammy Nomination [23Dec10]
Click for Cash! Johnny Cash, If you like Country Music, Social Media, Crowd Sourcing or Creative Art Click & Share
All in one Place - 150+ Business and Marketing Resources From 2010
How to Get & Influence Google Sitelinks (Organic)
For Web Projects - 5 Free Annotation and Collaboration Tools [23Dec10]
3 social trends your business must know for 2011 planning « Downloadable Webinar
Why and How Facebook Commerce Can Work | Practical eCommerce
Use Facebook? A break down of the new impressions and feedback data & how to best use this new information
Rob Cottingham's Free Social Media Cartoon Calendar for 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

His Credibility Blown In a Postscript...for me. @jonrognerud tackles the ambitious task of identifying and compiling...
Any thoughts about the AOL takeover of @WarrenWhitlock? Can they screw that one up too?
An interesting exchange with a follower on Twitter:sportsmachines: @nicheprof I see you're using Amplify, are you st...
Gartner Technology and Service Provider Research reports "enterprise" social media is expanding at a double-digit pa...
How many of us paid attention to these 10 ways to build your social media presence last year?
Google TV may never be! Google pulls Google TV from next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas http://bit.l...
Kevin S. Ryan & Jeff Zabin Share 7 Ways to Get Your Social Media Marketing Money's Worth
Lessons you can learn about Google local by observing Google's treatment of post citations on two sites http://bit....
Writing for the Behavioral Insider, Laurie Sullivan shares A Few Internet Marketing Predictions for 2011 http://bit...
7 Growing Social Bookmarking Sites Worth Exploration By Kristi Hines Which of these do you use?
Vadim Lavrusik's 10 Predictions for the News Media in 2011
Sometimes it's better to give an App away for free rather than charge a fee. Lessons learned
More Than 700 Billion YouTube Videos Were Viewed in 2010 - How many were yours?
Enjoy and Share this Video! My Blackberry Is Not Working (very cute video)!
Facebook Changes - Redesigned News Feed Filtering Options Allows You to Cluster Community Members
Received a couple of notes regarding connecting with me on BlogTalkRadio and wanted to let anyone interested know I ...
Donna Wells of has identified 5 Essential Web Apps for the Lean Small Business
Forget Journalism School - Enroll in Groupon Academy [20Dec10]
Surprise Package - 5 Social Innovation Trends In 2011 [21Dec10]
Where Is Awarded Geo Related Patents Which May Greatly Impact Mobile Marketing
Where Is Awarded The
Discover Why and How Social Media Boutiques are Winning Deals Over Traditional Digital Agencies @jowyang
Discover Why and How Social Media Boutiques are Winning Deals Over Traditional Digital Agencies @jowyang http://amp...
7 lessons worth learning from the Navy Social Media Handbook - By Mark Drapeau, Kristin Bockius

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New 54p Study - How Federal Agencies Can Effectively Manage Records Created Using New Social Media Tools http://bit...
Move Your Facebook Fan to Action
3 Tools to Export Twitter Search Results to Excel + a Bonus Google Docs Tip
Bookmark these Posts identified by @Steve_Shaw as the Most Important Posts of 2010 in 5 topic areas
Social Media Adoption - by Top 10 Media Agencies Available as a Scribd Download
[Another] Guide to Centralizing Your Social Sharing With Amplify
This post deserves amplification! 7 Reasons To Add Amplify To Your Social Networks
Do You Use Twitter? Discover How To Duplicate HootSuites Pro Features For Free
Is anyone shocked that a new Gallup/USA Today study found 67% of Americans surveyed oppose "Behavioral Targeting"? h... *
Today we got the new phonebooks, and most people returned the old ones still in plastic. What a waste of stuff!
Social Media Strategy Framework (Summer, 2009)
Nice list of do's and don'ts for bloggers clustered around 5 topic by @DeniseWakeman
21 Smart Ways to Get More Readers in 2011 from Blog Coach Judy Dunn @CatsEyeWriter
Discount my earlier comments recommending I just received and email indicating they are closing down 1/3...
I've been using Etacts ( mentioned by @CindyKing for a few days. Data provided is revealing & wor...
11 New Year's Resolutions for Search Engine Marketers and Optimizers (Optimisers) from Roger Barrette
If you like @ProBlogger - Discover how to put Facebook to work for you with this video from the @BlogTyrant http://b...
SCAM ALERT - The Women of Twitter - Behind those sexy tweets lurks reminders of Nigeria & London Barristers
Sage Advice - Mike Figliuolo's Top 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs
Pricing Wisdom for your goods & services from @Figliuolo - Sell Value, NOT Price, Maintain Pricing Integrity + more!...
Pricing Wisdom for your goods services from @Figliuolo - Sell Value, NOT Price, Maintain Pricing Integrity + more! ...
Don't Waste Valuable Virtual Real Estate - 26 Blog Footer Tips & Case Studies from @TristanHigbee @lleane http://bit...
Debbie DeGabrielle is CMO of Visible Technologies predicts 2011 will be year of social business-consumer equality h...
Study- The Consumer Electronics Assn find Moms RULE! Moms spend an average of $822 on gadgetry each year http://bit...
It's all in the story. People like stories. So, what's your story or the story of your company? Tell a story http:/...
Over 60 Tips for generating more traffic to your blog
Just to update my profile here on with added contact information and will try to get around to a backgro...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Want RTs? Bookmark these great tips for obtaining Retweets. Retweets are gold! Thanks to Ana of @webtrafficcafe ht...
Create Your Mobile Website - 5 Easy Tools
Mark Evans shares his 10 social media resolutions for 2011. Note the four E’s: enlighten, educate, entertain & eng...
You'll Want to Follow These 10 Rules of Social Engagement for Your Blog
You KNOW you're a social media pioneer when you read the Sysomos 2010 Report about Twitter users. How Long on Twitte...
Googl's Latest New Toy Shared Spaces is Shown Off
Second Internet - Facebook Challenges Google in 2010
The second of 3 revealing and important SEO articles by Bill Slawski (@bill_slawski) Don't Miss Comments! http://bi...
The Dr. Ron Capps Daily is out, it's certainly worth a bookmark and you can subscribe for...
A Social Media Strategy Checklist
The first of 3 revealing and important SEO articles by Bill Slawski (@bill_slawski) Don't Miss...
Predictions: Online Video In 2011: Connected TVs, Social Recommendations, And Standards Wars [20Dec10]
Twitter Etiquette, Do U Have It? Succeed on Twitter, great info via @Nicheprof & @Mayakovskij #twitter #tips
RT: Twitter Etiquette, Do U Have It? How 2 Succeed on Twitter, great info via @Mayakovskij & @Nic...
Twitter Etiquette, Do You Have It?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Indu Priya Shows You How to Find Different People Online Using Social Media Tools
5 Revolutionary Social Media Tools for NonProfits
40 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed shared by Zachary Sniderman (@zsniderman) on Mashable http://on.m...
A study by MarketTools, Inc., reports 94% of companies don't use social media for customer feedback *
Discover How one Stanford professor (Dr. Jennifer Aaker) used social media to rally people for a good cause http://...
Twitter Etiquette, Do You Have It?
The Direct Marketing Association has released their 2010 Response Rate Trends Report. Some nuggets for Direct Market...
Dustin Betonio suggests some tips, trick and applications for Facebook Fan Page Customizations
Google Maps Product Manager, Jeremy Sussman, on how to help improve your Google Maps rankings for local businesses ...
Charlie White of Mashable tells Users of the Facebook app for iPhone and iPod touch it’s been updated http://on.m...
Online Social Media Reports Google Search is Now Warning You About Comprimised Websites
5 Twitter tools for Smarter Blogging
Roundup of Best of 2010 Lists, Articles, and Video
Join me at 12:30pm EST (Sunday) on my BTR show just call 718-766-4782 or listen online at
Healthcare professionals see 'Collaborative Care' Platforms Are The Future of Healthcare Online
Diane Mermigas (@dmermigas) takes a look at How Facebook Leads New Social Mobile Commerce Charge
ENJOY - Take a look at this digital nativity video created by Portuguese digital deve...
David Wilding's crystal ball preview for digital marketing in 2011 What do you predict? widget (Connect Nokia Share Online to over 100 services)
Urban Omnibus - The Future of the #Crowdsourced City [17Dec10]
Compare - What separates social-media veterans from rookies? [30Nov10]
Thanks to @Svartling and stability questions with I installed my own link shortener on my own domain (
How to Add Email Lists in Facebook for Page Promotion from HubSpot Optional 30 page FB Marketing Guide

Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 Ways Social Media Is Growing [Report] by @NeilGlassman Note the included charts for a clearer understanding http:...
“Social Media Moms: How Networking Impacts Purchasing Behaviors” The study... a ...
Moms big users of social media - A study found that 79% of moms with children under 18 are active in social media ht... *
Discover Edmodo: A free, secure social networking site for schools, educators and students
Elementary Teacher abandons textbooks for online methods Click here to view her digital resour...
Traffic is worthless without conversion - 101 Conversion Tips To Help Improve Your Website by Sherice Jacob http://...
Good explanation of the terms internal link hub and link nexus and their importance by Michael Gray (@graywolf) htt...
Holiday work in kitchen and tracked down a great online tool for conversion of weights & measures (dry & liquid) ht...
Interesting insights into both Twitter and Facebook and their potential audience pool from @BrianSolis http://bit.l...
The Content Grid Infographic from Jess3 and Eloqua
Don't you hate it when you get a "personalized" email allegedly telling you some secret or personal shortcoming and ...
Social Media & CRM or Why You Can’t Ignore Social Media Anymore [Infographic]Posted by Megan O'Neill http://bit.l...
An oldie but goodie - 45 Incredibly Useful Web Design Checklists and Questionnaires
Nice assortment of 25 free fonts but don't go overboard and remember...these are just tools in your toolbox. http:/...
Nice assortment of 25 free fonts but don't go overboard and remember...these are just tools in your toolbox.
SEO or SEM? Deciphering Online Marketing Double Speak (and what about SMO too and optimization vs optimisation) htt...
Lifehacker's list of the Best Alternatives to Delicious I've used Diigo for many years and...
My friend @MichelFortin shared this list of his Top 10 A/B Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization resources http:...
23 Free, Web-Based Tools SMBs Are Asking for Now just posted by @JolieODell for Mashable
Kaywa has a Free Online QR Code Generator They also have a Free Mobile QR Code Reader here htt...
Corrected Link - QR-Code Generator for use with URL, VCard, email, message, phone or SMS
QR-Code Generator for use with URL, VCard, email, message, phone or SMS
You may find this a useful tool for illustrating relationships and connections in an intereactive environment.
50 Mobile Learning Resources
Educator reveals ways QR codes can be integrated into an instructional strategy incorporating game play & storytelli...
Frequently a new technology comes along and everyone in real estate gets excited. Currently that technology is QR Co...
Great list related to QR and important component of the online/offline marriage in the days ahead (IMHO...
One of Dr. Angela Hausman's "Ask a Marketing Expert" Interviews. You may want to browse the archives for this series...
While poking around a blog, I was reminded...Marketing Analytics for Social Media
Social Media Strategy Predictions for 2011: Facebook Business Marketing, Twitter Monetization, Shopkick, and QR Code...
Learn HTML5, JavaScript and CSS With Mozilla’s Free “School of Webcraft”
Anyone looking to save on any holiday shopping that remains, will want to read this post -
Technology That Makes Holiday Shopping Easier This Year
Visual meditation: Lights of the season from around the world
For the Love of Infographics - Nice Biz & Social Info's Collection
Key Feature Of Google +1 - Massive-Scale Social Video Conferencing [17Dec10]
In addition to & here are 6 other tools for longer Tweets
Aiming for Bronze, Blekko Gets a Million Searches a Day
Armando Roggio has published an important review Blekko (a new Search Engine) for Practical eCommerce

Friday, December 17, 2010

Neil Glassman reveals 10 Things Social Media Marketers Should Know About Millennials
New Media: Your Social Media Strategy in 60 Seconds by Courtney Boyd Myers
Anthony Rotolo's Holiday Survival Guide for Social Media Professionals
eSchool News wants submissions. Articles should be objective and focus on school technology challenges and solutions...
David Kirkpatrick: Facebook’s Effect on Nearly Everything (VIDEOS)
An Academic Study from this Summer Found a Dramatic Rise In College Students Tweaking Facebook Privacy Settings htt...
Contrary to common presumptions, Social Networks Are No Place For Marketing To College Crowd - I suggest you be wary...
Tutorial on Looping YouTube Videos
The 100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers Categorized by Discipline as identified by SmartTeaching.Org
According to Marshall Kirkpatrick's article ReadWriteWeb "Yahoo Says Delicious Will Live On...Somewhere Else" htt...
Erik Sass reports Facebook Revenues Hit $2 Billion in 2010
I've had my Roku for over a year and recommend it for many reasons - 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Roku h...
Set An Example Of Action
Expand your About Page and Boost your SEO
Upgrade Your Dropbox Software, Get Awesome and Unexpected New Features will feature smart news in short form -- for the ADD intellectual who want...
Derion Miller has 3 Tips for Blogging Daily for Your Small Business
Very useful for Small businesses & consultants: 37 Inbound Links Your Small Business Should Not Live Without http:/...
New Feature Allows Curating of YouTube Videos to Watch Later
A nice starter list of social media reads for the holidays
Thanks to @onboardinghr Feel free to download these unique social media icon badges here http:/...
Feel free to download these unique social media icon badges here
Body Electric - Google explores the human body with HTML5 [16Dec10]
Thanks @Svartling for sharing a remarkable tool which translates words within images. Great for International trave...
Discover how Blekko allows you to search Facebook "likes"
Tips from @JeremyLittau on how he uses social media for teaching and why he uses it to engage students
8 Important SEO Ranking Factors You Must Follow
Top 3 Tips on How To Interlink Your Blog Posts
We keep hearing about the importance of attracting backlinks, well, here are 5 Sure Ways to Get Numerous Back Links ...
8 tools to show you how the search engines see your site - 8 Best Websites to Find Your Page Rank And Back Link htt...
Bing - Takes a Page from Google’s Playbook With Revamped Image Search [16Dec10]
Reflection - What was the most important thing you learned about social media this year? [14Dec10]

Thursday, December 16, 2010

SEO success for your blog in 10 easy steps
Google And Bing On Social Search
Words of wisdom from @SimonMainwaring: "Gone are the days when we can post a portfolio of work online and wait for c...
Words of wisdom from @SimonMainwaring:Gone are the days when we can post a portfolio of work online and wait for cli...
Air Force Blog Assessment - Article & Infographic
More Than a Baseball Player Bob Feller was and American Hero
The True Untapped Potential of Social Media is NOT about Making More Friends

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Released: Computer and Cell Phone Usage Up Around the World - Global Publics Embrace Social Networking (Downloa...
Infographic shows how Social Media is being used by Law Enforcement to play a Modern Version Cops & Robbers by @JayB...
Small Business Trends finds Small Businesses may be warming up to Social Media Marketing but not quite there yet ht...
Twitter & @JeremyLittau report Twitter has added 220 million users and generated 25 BILLION tweets in past 12 months...
Case Study for Big Papa's BBQ in Denver, CO. Starting from scratch you can see the impact their plan had over 3 week...
December 2010 rankings of the Top SMO Companies ranked by an independent authority on search vendors (geo breakdown)...
December 2010 rankings of the Top SEO Companies ranked by an independent authority on search vendors (geo breakdown)...
2011 Super Bowl goes Social - Audi, Mercedes-Benz turn to social media for Super Bowl promotions
LA Times reports Microsoft's Bing adds new mobile app, map, social-media and travel features
Erin Kutz In a Special for USA TODAY reports: More consumers let their smartphones do the shopping http://amplify.c...
Ashkan Karbasfrooshan identifies nine realities that will shape online video in 2011 and beyond.
Chris young predicts the Top Seven Trends For Online Video In 2011
30 Ways to Use Blekko for Search & SEO (Blekko replaces a dozen other tools if you use more than the obvious feature...
Topsy is another alternative real time social search engine – Daily, Weekly. Monthly, Cummulative Realtime Search ...
Bookmark this real-time social search engine alternative It's more comprehensive than Kurrently.c...
David Baker provides great insights into the decision management process everyone goes through during the holidays ...
David Baker provides great insights into the decision management process everyone faces during the holidays
Which is More Powerful - Social Proof or Social Pioneering? [30Sep10]
Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) Social Business Forecast: 2011 The Year of Integration (LeWeb Keynote) thanks @Open_Media
If you target International Markets follow @CindyKing she just shared 4 SEO Tips for Multi-Lingual Websites
If you target International Markets follow @CindyKing she just shared 4 SEO Tips for Multi-Lingual Websites
Christian Arno advises: Be aware of International Social Media Marketing's Cultural Quirks shared by @CindyKing
Thanks to @Open_Media of a @BrianSolis discussion of the Social Consumer and the nature of our multiple audiences
No One Audience - The Difference Between Friends, Fans and Followers [15Dec10]
Diane Corriette (@locallivesearch) shared a great post from @BrianSolis on the State of Blooging today Read & Save it!
Diane Corriette (@locallivesearch) shared a great post from @BrianSolis on the State of Blooging today Read & Save it!
Make note of Maria Reyes-McDavis (@WebSuccessDiva's) 17 Twitter for Business Ideas
Special thanks to Laura P Thompson (@LPT) for sharing this downloadable UMass Social Media Study
Fantastic advice “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” Albert Einstein's 8 lessons for success
8 Amazing Blogging Lessons from Albert Einstein via @danielscocco
A special thanks to @DynamicMike for sharing this video reminding us we all need a push at times Please Share http:...
A special thanks to @DynamicMike for sharing this video reminding us we all need a push at times Please Share
Posterous expands its role within my Social Media Development Process to be published in the Spring of 2011
Posterous Introduces
Social Media for Healthcare - Panacea or Plague? [10Dec10]
Inspiring Entrepreneur Quotes
Nice find from @NolandHoshino Walt Disney: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
30 free tools for finding social media influencers shared by @MediaCollective
I just curated a nice comparison of the ways QR codes are being used and other social media tools
Thanks to Andre Hanelly (@hanelly) & @NolandHoshino for sharing these 101 Social Media stats
Peek Ahead - See the Future with a Search [15Dec10]
The Shift - Americans Now Spend As Much Time Using Internet as TV [15Dec10]
Can a Facebook page replace the need for a website?
Please read and bookmark this: 20 Simple Steps to the Perfect [maybe not perfect but good] Persuasive Message
10 tips from Karla Porter for job seekers to use when networking on LinkedIn
Special credit to @RobinGood for uncovering this tutorial showing how to animate with PowerPoint
Time to Change? - Can A Monkey Hack Your Password? [14Dec10]
If you use GMail, you may want to use this tip from @ChrisPirillo
Back to Basics - 12 Reasons You Should Use Twitter for Business [14Dec10]
Excellent article by JD Rucker on timing & frequency of posts via Twitter
How to Write Re-tweetable Tweets in 5 Minutes or Less | Mirna Bard
Simple Infographic showing 15 Social Media Categories (courtesy of @MirnaBard)
Social Media Marketing: 5 Lessons From Business Leaders Who Get It
Curt Hopkins reports: George Ewart Evans' Spoken History of Rural Britain Goes Online via the British Library http:/...
We Need To Focus On Making a Difference, Not Getting a Sale, So Stop Selling and (Instead) Help Your Customers Buy ...
Lee Odden (@leeodden) provides a primer for "Getting Started Social Media Advertising on Facebook, YouTube & LinkedI...
Ann Smarty (@seosmarty) reveals "The 3 Free Basic Tools You Must Use for Tracking Brand Mentions"
Things you might not normally think about - "Most Common Mistakes in Screencasting" By Andreas Zeitler http://bit.l...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Chrome plugin brings 165 embed options to Twitter’s side panel using code
Thanks to @NolandHoshino for sharing 7 Types of Tweets to Help You Get More Followers
Thanks to John Cosola (@jcosola) for sharing "9 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working" by Diana Fre...
Signal, Curation and Discovery...
Sound insight from @jowyang and shared by Jacob Morgan on the role of the social strategist
8 C’s of the Social Media Marketing Mix
Social Media Marketing Industry Report
I may object to the term "pushing" social, however, most of these tips from @pushingsocial are worth implementing
Mitch Joel (@MitchJoel) identifies 6 significant opportunities you may be missing in your social media process
My friend Frank Haywood has posted a resource showing you How To Create 3D eCovers For Free that I've curated here h...
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Monday, December 13, 2010

You can now view both houses for sale and foreclosures on Google Maps
Google Places Local Search Ranking Video online explaining local search rankings.
If you work with local businesses, Matt McGee observes, Google Places Isn’t Testing New Layouts … Get Used to Va...
Tinu Abayomi-Paul (@tinustuff) shared Branding on a Dime: A Guide To 11 Crowdsourcing Websites by Dan Martel http:/...
A reminder of a powerful new feature - Google Webmaster Tools Adds Top Pages Queries & URL Redirects
Gist is a search aggregator gateway you may want to consider adding to your social media process
David Meerman Scott videocast advising businesses how to avoid a common time management trap by developing a routine...
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Bookmark this resource page from NSClive for 30 wonderfully useful tools and applications
A Simple Ninja Tactic To Building Trust Through Sharing/Act On Social Media
Thanks to @drperdew for sharing the latest release of new Twitter Applications from Marc Zeale
Social Twist study, Clickthroughs on Twitter greatly outperform those via Facebook (19 to 3) but their may be a reas...
Brent Rangen's (@BrentRangen) shares his "Comprehensive 2010 SEO Guide to Keywords" on Bruce Clay's site http://bit...
Code from Tim Ware which allows You to Add a Like Button to Your Facebook Tabs
10 free Facebook apps for ecommerce merchants
A simple but sage piece of wisdom from @DanZarrella
This note serves as an important reminder from the Digital Frontier that "change" is the only constant
Boomers yearn for brand experiences that help them feel safe, smart and in control again Lori ...
Online Vs. Brick-And-Mortar: 'Dogfight To End' by Aaron Baar
With the realization we are a nation of storytellers and love to be told stories, @ChrisBrogan has an excellent post...
Wordpress Groupon's itself with group buy plug-in
Local Businesses, Consultants & Marketers will want to check this resource shared by @WebSuccessDiva
A convenient resource for following info on QR Codes
For Your Holidays - Twelve Entertaining “12 Days of Christmas” Videos
A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. ~George S. Patton
Share Multiple Links In One Click With BridgeURL by DITESCO
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Social Proof - 7 Reasons Why Social Landing Pages Increase Business [07Dec10]
Great infographic and article on "How PR and Social Media Can Work Together"
Organized Wisdom - Why More Health Experts Are Embracing the Social Web [12Dec10]

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is a video I found among 20 others using Psykotube Instant YouTube search wall http://bit...
Thanks to @RobinGood for sharing this 2010 Update showing Social Media Usage Inside U.S. Corporations