Saturday, January 31, 2009

Geeky Magazine's lists thier top 5 social sites for SEO purposes
Employers who figure out social networks can gain a competitive advantage over others who don't adapt to new ways
If you are a fan of paint ball, you now have your own social community and niche video sharing site at
If you're using Firefox, you may want to check out to locate sites similar to those you already like. Hidden gems
When you have the desire or need to play Sherlock Holmes, these are the 15 sites to search our people and backgrounds
This article is written for law firms but generalizable to all professional firms and businesses
January 31, 2009 - The day that Google did "Evil"
It's important to read this example to see why it's important to post your articles in your own authentic voice
Web 2.0 retailer case study featuring Tool King and their online growth
A warning about over depending on social media & potential peril of neglecting your own personal and business sites
Morning All! If you ever outsource code or troubleshoot code use to share code with programmer

Friday, January 30, 2009

Jim Benson identifies the 10 social media principles that he believes social media has taught us are most important
Top keyword mobile search terms for 2008 as identified by Bryson Meunier
Hub Spot surveyed 167 executives and business owners surveyed in a study that revealed their lead generation sources
Living proof that any fake or fool can proclaim himself an expert with a video clip & a social media platforms
Deltina Hay proposes a way to streamline Your Social Web Presence in 6 Steps by having things work together
In case you missed these enjoy 50 Essential Strategies For Creating A Successful Web 2.0 Product @DionHinchcliffe
Dion Hinchcliffe discusses using Web 2.0 to reinvent your business for the economic downturn
Shawn McCarthy posts 16 Do & Don't rules for government employees and their supervisors for social networking
I wanted to share with you 25 random things @MichelFortin shared about himself with tribe members
Top 10 Social Networks for those born between 1980 and 1995 (Generation Y) identified by Dan Schawbel for Mashable
Video series featuring Dr. Harlan Kilstein on the practice of NLP Copywriting. Bookmark these!
Here is one of the tools shared by @LonNaylor as a free Camtasia video alternative for creating & embedding
Overview article providing background on the founders of Twitter. Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams
Those in the NYC area can join other tweeps on Feb 12 at a charity twestival for clean water in developing countries
Morning All. Late cup of coffee. Forbes Interview with @GuyKawasaki reveals his use of Twitter as a powerful weapon

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Social Networks Reach Puberty: Recap Miami Social Networking Conference Shows Diverse Enterprise Adoption & Success
Video & transcript of Google Economist Hal Varian on challenges facing businesses and executives today
Ian Schafer provides a sound argument for why we should pay special attention to Facebook Connect and not discount it
Google unleashes a set of tools in their Measurement Labs "M-Labs" that will let you know if your ISP is doing evil
Where are advertisers willing to make their financial commitments and investments? Why these particular platforms?
Morning All! Congressional Tweeps twitter away & type platitudes, then vote straight party line on economic stimulus

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rick Haglund reveals why employers need to know what Facebook, MySpace can do for and to them
Download this 22 page paper from IBM discussing Web 2.0 and telecommunications
Given the downsizing of cookie boxes & peanut butter scare, you'd think the Girl Scouts would be more supportive
10 things that businesses and consultants should do to market more effectively to 150 million on Facebook
30 ways to guarantee your web site will fail and fail quickly from Jason O'Connor Beware: Use at your discretion
10 social media tools for HR Professionals & Recruiters from Jennifer McClure Pt 1 & Pt2

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If you want to discover how to succeed on Twitter, you'll want to read these tips by @MitchWagner of Information Week
50 steps to establishing a sound social media practice have been revealed by @ChrisBrogan
3 ways to get internal pages indexed by using social bookmarking and do-follow sites for back links & deep linking
Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should when it comes to many things, including, these SEO tricks
Giles Crouch's State of Social Media in Atlantic Canada from Podcamp Halifax recap is here:
Streaming video at 5 p.m. EST as FL Teachers discuss & answer questions about economy's impact in classroom

Monday, January 26, 2009

Share some of your experiences with virtual assistants and managing your social media presence
A closer look at the use of social networking in Latin America from the folks at eMarketer may not be the largest Latino Social Networks but it is a PR6 and growing!
Pattern success! John Jantsch (@ducttape) shares his personal social media schedule. Please Retweet
Heralding the death of non-social media! Long live social media and social media marketing
A PR5 Social Bookmarking site for academics, higher education and "brainiacs"
Trey Pennewell provides insights into the importance of "deep linking" to your SEO Marketing Strategies
Morning all, Twittercaster Kevin Rose lists 10 steps for you to take to increase the number of followers on Twitter

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pay particular attention to the review of literature in the 400 page Dissertation that I just made available here
Thanks to @LouisGray for suggesting this unique Tell-a-Friend social media widget
Video from Mari Smith explaining Twitter Hashtags. How to make & use them
Discussion of why your business should embrace Web 2.0 in this excerpt from "Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom"
Localising (localizing) the Internet beyond communities & networks Dr John Postill Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Even if you consider yourself a "Geek" or a "Techie" you need to care about social media and marketing!
A worthwhile post on the need for transparency in social media from @DougFirebaugh Follow him even if no MLM interest
Call ready to start Ask questions call number: (718) 766-4782 listen live, download & iTunes
Join us on at 12:30 EST Today ask questions call number: (718) 766-4782 listen live & download
Morning all. Working on today's BlogTalkRadio Show at 12:30 EST Please, send ( or DM me topics & ?s you'd like discussed
How President Obama's Administration may use Social Media to increase transparency and openness to the electorate

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Antonio Lupetti's List of 30+ interesting Twitter services & applications which simplify your life + much more!
Ted Knutson is far too traditional in his approach to online social networking for careers You have to get known!
10 Freelancer tips that all online marketers and small businesses need to be aware of in today's trying economy
Download your copy of the 2009 Horizon Report Profiles Six “Key Emerging Technologies” for Higher Education
The way it REALLY Works! My wife just commented that a log home company must be good, because, they are listed at the top of Google Search!!
Fourth in a series of articles by Denise J. Deveau showing you how to build a small-business web site Get These!
If you use Delicious, discover @PeteAshton's system for tracking comments with - very useful!
Some solid mobile SEO suggestions to prepare for the market shift in 2009 and beyond Cindy Crumb Video Interview
Morning all. @DonReisinger suggested a Twitter tool for tweeting when greeted by the Fail Whale Auto Posts when back

Friday, January 23, 2009

RSS & Podcasting info from Cision white paper discussing RSS & Podcasting. First of 5 in series I'll be sharing
Raj Anand provides a series of tips for optimizing a social network for the search engines These tips are universal
SEO or "Stupidly Easy Optimization" A Guide To Understanding Real SEO And How You Or Anyone Can Easily Apply It
If you do any email marketing, you'll want to download this Epsilon White Paper on Subject Line Length
Even "master php programmer" @RobertPlank can provide you valuable copywriting tips
SitePoint Has Just Published Getting Started With Twitter By Wesley Craig Green
You know it was coming. Twittersexuality is a Violet Blue: A Twitter Sex Guide. Link to special to SF Gate
Mark Sullivan of PC World has identified 10 Web Sites that are poised for greater significance in 2009
Setting up a mobile photo sharing account with Twitter integration at David Chang Q&A

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Edelman Group assembled 9 global professionals to discuss what lies ahead in 2009 Download here now
Download your copy of President Obama's Social Media Strategy and Tool Kit as described by Edelman
After a bit of server load at launch, @Tweepler is getting rave reviews from those using it to organize tweeps
The Kansas Department of Transportation launches one of the first Government Sponsored Social Networks Interesting!
President Obama's Staff discovers Whitehouse Technology resembles that of the Flintstones in a pre-web1.0 world
Download Trends Spotting's Predictions from Influencers on IT Technology for 2009
Download Trends Spotting's Consumer Influencers 2009 Trends Report

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Download Trends Spotting's Influencers on Online Marketing 2009 Predictions Report
Download Trends Spotting's Mobile Influencers Predictions for 2009 - 2020
Download Trends Spotting's Social Media Influencers Predictions for 2009
Confident indicators that the Hispanic Market is a prime social market in 2009 and beyond
Download this Wistia video training report showing that video is the future of business communication
A discussion of ways that you can use social networking online to boost your career in trying times
This white paper provides valuable insights into physicians and their use of web 2.0 platforms
A murder is about to video will surely kill the static Web. Discover why now A huge opportunity!
Some useful tips on marketing your business during a recession and uses of the Internet
An important post with charts from Tim Richards on the subject of crowds and social platforms
Dana Theus suggests you avoid the suggestions in this IDC Study in her comments here
Interview with Miles Beckett & Greg Goodfried, co-founders of EQAL, about how to mesh entertainment and the Internet
Great new application for Twitter that allows you to manage your tweeple @tweepler at Make your life easier today!
Great new application for Twitter that allows you to manage your tweeple @tweepler at Make your life easier today!
With that said, good morning all. How about a cup of coffee and on to our new beginning?
President Obama's social media style is beginning to be reflected in a revamped Whitehouse Web Home

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Specialized Irish-based search engine created by John Dineen to provide deep, vertical searches related to training
Some very important, specific tips showing you how to create SEO optimized (optimised) video
Important, specific tips showing you how to create SEO optimized (optimised) video
If you've ever looked for content for your blogs, emails or product creation...This is IT! Ends tonight @ 11:59CST
Scan the references to this academic paper to gain a better understanding of how people use the Internet
Linkscape has posted update 2 Linkscape is online at
Darren Rowse (@problogger) shares 4 retweet and tracking tools that you should consider
James Dempsey discusses Twitter uses for creative Mac users and suggests follows. Come James, think outside the Mac
Morning all. I want to share @DonReisinger's wishlist for improvements to Twitter Some features now available w/apps

Monday, January 19, 2009

Twingly is a micro-blog search for Twitter, Jaiku,, Bloggy & Bleeper
Jesuit Father Antonio Spadaro, warns of the risks of using social networking sites such as Facebook or Myspace
Take a look at the "Hierarchy of Buying" model and discover why clients selects specific service providers
Food for thought from Baratunde Thurston (comedian & blogger) on CNN "We are the end of an error and at the beginning of an era."
Lee Mathews sees Pidgin as a great multi-protocol IM client more efficient than Digsby. Pidgin adds Twitter & FB
Morning All. A cup of coffee and a lump in the throat as I reflect on the lessons of the past and hopes for the future. In service to others

Sunday, January 18, 2009

10 social music sites that you can use for networking and enjoyment while working online
Free ebook from Valeria Maltoni who assembled 12 social media authorities to discuss the direction of social media
Darren Rowse (@problogger) identifies 7 ways to be worth following on Twitter
I confess...she's right! When I share online, I want to sell YOU something...that I'm someone worth listening to
I wanted to thank all who joined us on today's show Download the show or subscribe w/ itunes
Join me on at 12:30 EST Today ask questions call number: (718) 766-4782 listen live & download
Karri Flatla provides a twitterization of the wisdom of master copywriter Clayton Makepeace. Good advice!
Morning all Cup of coffee while exploring 6 Twitter Art feeds recommended by Marc Shil & NY's Wooster Collective
Tweets have consequences. Never forget that it is your reader that assigns meaning and intent to your message!
Ron Jones discusses search ad quality scores and in part 2 here

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The potential SEO benefits of page segmentation are explained in this informative article
LA Times article examining how prepared the social media sites are for Tuesday's Inauguration
Not aware of any code required for $250 Google Adwords Cash. Register through this link before 1/31/09
FYI: Try Google AdWords with $250 in free advertising. Get details here. Coupon expires January 31, 2009
7 Ways to Get unpaid Traffic on the Web: SEO, Referrals, SMO, JVs, unique content, Viral, Solve a Need
Bill Ives explains why blogs remain an important part of the social media marketing arsenal
Free SEO tool provides SEO reports for your URL or a competitors URL for On Page SEO and Off Page SEO & more
A look at how the social media world responded to the U.S. Airways Hudson River crash
If you write/market on topics related to credit, finance, mortgages, real estate, etc you'll want this PLR Package
An outlook for the use of social media by businesses in the U.K. With some examples of it done right
Morning All. Been handling support issues and wanted to share this late warning about possible Twitter risks. Late

Friday, January 16, 2009

Here is another niche social network that is sure to deliver an "ace" for tennis lovers and fans.
New niche social networking site for bikers and lovers of the open road on the seat of a two-wheeler
Some people get too obsessed with online rating systems and social networking (WARNING Adult Topic)
9 Links Which Are Better Than Organic Links. Don't leave SEO only to unmanaged organic links
Discover how to customize 404 error pages with this tutorial from Rae Hoffman (aka @Sugarrae )
Looking for creative promo graphics for a project. Banners, billboards, buttons and the like. Quick turnaround. Contact:
Online contact form tips for building lasting relationships with customers - what to do & how to do it!
Download "A Non-Technical Guide to Understanding
the Use and Benefits of RSS Feeds" for free here
IMPORTANT**Give your site a legal checkup to help minimize your potential risk and future problems

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new social network for advertising professionals
Keys to seek in retaining a qualified SEO advisor or expert
Discussion of potential SEO values gained by using Twitter
Twitrans is a mico-messaging translation system providing human translation of your tweets into other languages
Morning all. Checkout PingVine. It takes an Atom or RSS feed and posts it to Twitter, or PRT

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dion Hinchcliffe shares 8 predictions for web and enterprise 2.0 in the year ahead
Google closes several of their platforms in an effort to consolidate and streamline
10 new business rules for operating in a recession
Discussion of pay for performance marketing and SMO. Are you prepared to be compensated on performance?
A specific game plan for branding yourself & your website Create your own multimedia trailer for your brand
Forecasting the future of mobile Internet usage from Elon University & Pew Internet Project
Newly released Pew Internet & American Life Project's Findings on Adults and Social Network Websites
Statistical proof of why marketers and small business owners need to be on 1st 3 pages of organic results
Chris Smith shares a solution for getting a small business ranked in multiple regional search returns
Google Maps improved for local business promotion. If you work with offline businesses beaware of changes
Implications for the Internet Community posed by President Elect Obama's candidate for FCC Chairperson
Checklist of things you need to be doing to not only keep your business afloat, but keep it growing PRT
Download a copy of IBM's White Paper on the consumer driven supply chain Poke around
Today's Twitter forecast is for Snowl! Mozilla Messaging Aggregator Application for Twitter, RSS and others
Morning all. Are any of you experiencing Twitter search limits like Paul McNamara reports here?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is venturing into social networking the right move for your company? Lane Report By Dawn Marie Yankeelov
Suggestions for how to use social media to grow your business or the businesses of others who hire you
Does size really matter? Nope, it's what you do with it that counts! I'm talking social media here, gang!
I'll be in Orlando the 5th of February until the morning of the 9th at JV Alert. Connect with me if you'd like to chat or swap tales. PRT
This is an absolute must download social networking report and data from NetPop. Free this month
Morning all. Heading back to the U today. Looks like 15+ hours today. I need to join @twittercize

Monday, January 12, 2009

Some sound advice on how to design your blog and sites for sharing your information socially
Alan Schulman reveals three areas that he believes video ad creatives need to explore in 2009
Discover how to think big with social media marketing and why you should do it now
Akamai White Paper on The Importance of Open Standards for Online Video Player Applications Download pdf
Titus Hoskins shares a set of Internet Marketing Tactics for tough times
Some code problems with my link to Simple Giveaway 2 so I'm piggy-backing on Willie Crawford's here
You can Download Avanade's White Paper on CRM and Social Media: Maximizing Deeper Customer Relationships here

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Video about CRM & Social Media: Maximizing of Customer Value
Ignoring social media won’t make it go away. Social media has tremendous potential to be harnessed
The case is built for why Facebook will have a very successful 2009 according to SitePoint
Pete Cashmore of @Mashable discloses that Facebook will copy FirendFeed's video approach
TeacherTube is a PR6 YouTube style video sharing site focusing on teaching, home school & educational needs
Generally, I don't tag & bookmark my pages for social media marketing. Some do. What are your thoughts? PRT
@Steve Rubel shows us how to build an annotated IM Feed Reader with creative use of FriendFeed
Sorry, This is the correct link for the Twtpoll in social bookmarking and tagging practices on your on materials
Robert Phillips and Justin DAngelo share their perspectives on how to use twitter for social media marketing
BTR Show ready to start join us 12:30 EST Today ask questions call number: (718) 766-4782 listen live & download
Join me on at 12:30 EST Today ask questions call number: (718) 766-4782 listen live & download
Stanley Tang reveals how he was able to build his Twitter community and you can too-if that's your goal
Morning all. Browsing 30 Essential Twitter Feeds for TV Fans that has been compiled by Rick Ellis
A discussion and suggestion for where one can find the newest and most helpful Twitter applications

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A guideline showing anyone how they can build a social media cheat sheet on any subject and for any niche!
Bookmarkable - The home of the Center for Social Media of the School of Communication American University
Content GOOD but a case study in how not to present material that you get elsewhere and spelling counts!
Proof that online activities can have a lighterside. This guy is all wet Creative!
Taking a look at Social Browse They see it as a cross between Digg & Stumbleupon What do you think? It is a PR 5
Localized Oklahoma case study of how social networking can benefit local business and organizations
Choosing to use social media marketing does not excuse you from the rules of traditional marketing
Some keynote comments on social networking from social media authority Jason Alba at the Winter AACE Conference
Facebook claims to have reached 150,000,000 accounts. Now, what to do with them and what apps to build?
A simple article discussing the care and feeding of the various search engine spiders
32 basic search engine optimization (optimisation) SEO tips from Vinod Mahajan (I'd avoid direct submission)
3 steps to follow when creating word of mouth (WOM) promotion for a new product
Twitter application from developers of twtpoll that makes it easy to create tweetups with tweeple Please RT
A strong case for why you should be using Twitter and asserts it may have realized the hope once had for RSS
Don Reisinger supports Twitter users following "almost" everyone who follows them Share Your Thoughts?
Not sure what happened to my Twitter research tools use by Bob Brown but here it is again
Morning all, reading about 5 Twitter tools that journalist Bob Brown finds useful when it comes time to do research. Grab a cup & join me!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Randfish shares the results of tests conducted on the value of "anchor text" and optimized internal linking
Excellent compilation of video guides showing how to use Google Reader
List of the 10 finalists for the Consumer Electronic Show's "Last Gadget Standing" announced
The over 50+ demographic is interested in electronics and technology...don't miss 100 million clients
Web 2.0 Guide for small businesses from the Guardian. Useful tips for all.
Master SEO strategist, Bruce Clay, has released a pair of free tools for you to use
Nate Elliott of Forrester Research observes that you are far more likely IF you use optimized video content!
Ogilvy's new "Daily Influence: The Marketer's Social Media Feed Reeder" dwarfed by
How many are having email issues delivering Gmail messages over past 2 days? It appears GoDaddy and maybe others have tightend settings
Download Social Networks that Matter: Twitter Under the Microscope is a PDF from First Monday
Excellent case study of how Twitter and social media was used by @ScottMonty to deal with a Ford PR problem
Over the holidays you may have missed these predictions and have fun monitoring them throughout 2009
Transcript of Rob Pegoraro's reviews & answer questions about this year's Macworld Conference and Expo
Open Mobile Video Coalition announces 22 markets where "Mobile Digital TV" will be rolled out this year
Marc D. Ensign debunks 10 common SEO myths and discusses the mythical duplicate content penalty
Easy way to get all of my tips and shared resources...add this RSS feed to Google Reader
Discover the 8 Golden Rules of Digital Advertising that have been identified and explained by Alan Gerson

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recent discussion about phishing on Twitter, may lead to overlooking the serious risk posed by fake online stores
American Management Assn is hosting a free webinar on importance of using social media in a down market!
A discussion about two of the micro-blogging powers: Twitter and Plurk. Each has its own flavor I use both!
Couldn't have said it better myself, Blair. Simone is a quality human, manifesting the best from those he touches
Updated list of over 300 video sharing sites. Current Alexa Ranking and Google PR indicated
President Elect Obama's defense of Blackberry reminds me of Charlton Heston's raised rifle at the NRA Convention defying others to take it!
Content should be your top priority. Chris Crum gives you 5 reasons why.
Say it ain't so, Ramalinga! 1 of India's largest technology outsourcing companies admits financial fraud
Alex Sysoef @thespotter guides your integration of Twitter into your blogs. Position yourself for success
Jim Tobin shares 5 valuable insights into what looms ahead on the social media horizon
Excellent discussion of interacting with clients after purchase and targeted behavioral marketing
Morning coffee reading. An amusing and retrospective view of the micro-blogging platform, Twitter
Morning coffee reading. An amusing and retrospective view of the micro-blogging platform, Twitter
Morning all! I prefer BudURL but also shortens URLs as a Firefox plug-in. Click thru data is an option

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sample Media release. Lori Osterberg targeting Small Business Owners & use of social media to get clients
Cyberterrorists using online forums and at least one social-networking site, PalTalk, to recruit people
Further testimony to power of social sites: I asked question about "Membership Manager Supreme" earlier today it's now #9 of 1,100 on Google
Upgraded PRO version of Jing from TechSmith is very powerful and a solid bargain!
Marketing Executives remain uninformed about web 2.0 and social media but they're tired of hearing the terms
Testing indicates a significant increase in number of ad click-thru rate with Google Checkout Icon
Looking for feedback and comments on Membership Manager Supreme Please send comments or reviews to Thanks in Advance
Spamhaus monitors networks and countries for spam activities. Google Doc Spam fell off chart from #4 in a day
Uncertainty Reduction Theory explains the concept that others need to come to know you, like you and trust you
Morning all. Reflections with the morning coffee Social Media Optimization (optimisation) ethical considerations

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Samuel Dean's review of the new social media search engine "Whostalkin"
The death of Web 2.0....Long live Web 2.0 and Social Media
Video is about to change in a big way with its use on Facebook as a communication device
Ann Smarty strikes again with 14 essential Greasemonkey Scripts to use with Firefox for Google Search!
Animoto now lets you create videos via iphone Prior Animoto sample:
It's all about trust! Do your customers trust you and how do you create a feeling of trust?
34% increase in online video views for the month of November is reported by ComScore
5 mobile search trends are identified for 2009 by Stephen Burke
Recap of the top 10 memorable Twitter moments from 2008 identified by Doriano "Paisano" Carta in Mashable

Monday, January 5, 2009

YackTrack is a comment tracking service or comment aggregator. It tracks numerous social sites.
Look into the social networking with over 70 Position papers on the Future of Social Networking from W3C
This one is for Paul Richardson: 10 mobile social networks that Richard MacManus suggests you consider
**SEO MUST READ** Google search demystified by someone who pulls the curtain back on Google bot process! Please RT
Wallyworld redefined!Your mobile world is an expanding marketplace that Apple and Wal-Mart may dominate
Tweetree puts your Twitter stream in a tree so you can see the posts people are replying to in context
Mark Titus reports that "For the first time ever, more people are texting than making voice calls"
McKinsey’s 2nd annual survey on Web 2.0 shows how companies are using these tools. Download 10 PDF with charts
Significant percentage of women age 40+ create and maintain profiles on social networks
A collaborative effort to explain Twitter to the academic community and other "Eggheads"
If you have a blog, Mashable says you need to note these 10 ways Twitter will impact blog design
A central location for Twitter applications; a place to submit an application you've developed and more!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

If you're looking for a quick way to poll the tribe and share on Twitter, Facebook or email this could be your answer
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone outside of the 140 character box in this Boston Globe Interview
7 IT Experts provide their predictions on what lies ahead for 2009. Downloadable Podcast available
Non-profits can harness the Internet as a fundraising and friendraising tool using solid SEO & SMO
Tips on linking and ranking in Yahoo AND Google organic results.
Tips on linking and ranking in Yahoo AND Google organic results
Reminder to join us at 12:30 EST today Chat or call in ask questions (718) 766-4782
Social media isn’t a fringe benefit to your marketing plan - it is your main marketing plan for 2009
At resolution time worth remembering: 5 Rules for building better business relationships and referral trust

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Explanation of why having internal pages outrank your home page's Google PR may be a positive
Discussion of using "How to" videos for SEO and SMO and potential benefits. Includes examples
Your business needs to use social media marketing & it needs to be done right! Avoid these 10 mistakes
If you are part of the legal community or serve that community in some manner, you should connect with Lextweet now
Lisa Wood states the case for businesses implementing social networking to promote themselves
Twitter Tip: Don't miss posts from a favorite. Enter their Twitter ID at & create an RSS feed for GoogleReader
Canadian Social Bookmarking Community. Geo-targeting & dedicated Canadian focus @John_Cussons should enjoy
Overcome your fear of spiders. A reminder of how search engines view and crawl a website. SEO tip for you!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Monitor your brand & online reputation with these 13 Twitter Tools! It makes the task much easier for you
301 Twitter Cross Culture & International Marketing tips form an International Marketing Pro! Worth RT?
Twitter meets eBay. Fledgling auction site may soar or come tumbling to the ground!
If you want your WordPress blogs to carry maximum impact, use the "DoFollow" Plugin
When planning your business: 5 upgrades to keep in mind as you approach your business in 2009 and beyond
Current Online Video Data. Nielsen Online report on video use and viewer composition from October, 2008
15 creative uses for Twitter. Micro-blogs have made a major impact over the past year. Use them creatively!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tech Crunch and ComScore identify the Top 10 Social Media Sites for 2008
Webzine for small businesses & start-ups provides tip series for 2009 for small businesses and start-ups
Essential small business technology investments for 2009 identified by Bill Murphy of BT Business
10 tiny things that @GuyKawasaki believes every small business owner should do in 2009
Robin Grant's guest post describing 5 social media New Year's resolutions for your business
4 things that any small business should implement now & review regularly Offline consultants should note
A Bookmarkable Resource for 2009: RSS Directories, Blog Directories, Reciprocals and more from Top Rank
Ready to think big? Simple business plan that can lead to a seven figure bank account with some persistence
Happy New Year All! Please read & Retweet Chris Crum's captivating retrospective on social media in 2008