Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Know Ken McArthur and I'm No Ken McArthur but...

together we'll show you how to...give your life and marketing IMPACT Today!

I've been blessed to know Ken McArthur for a few years now. I've attended numerous events with Ken; been on a IM Cruise with Ken; broke bread with Ken; learned from Ken; shared with Ken and will be seeing him in Philadelphia for the third year in a row in a couple of weeks.

When he and I were last together in Orlando this past February, he showed several of us the new book that he had been creating and I could tell that his enthusiasm was as genuine as the man himself.

That book and project is just now being shared with the rest of the world and I want you to be part of this eye opening and inspirational new book from my friend Ken McArthur.

Discover how to give your life and marketing IMPACT now!

Do you really want to get noticed and to make a difference in this world?

If so, this is the first step to take!

To encourage you to take it now, I will consult with you by telephone or in person at any of my upcoming conferences in Dallas, Philadelphia or Baltimore.

To qualify for a personal one-on-one chat with me for 15 minutes by phone or whatever in person, just take that step in the next 48 hours through by JV Support Link below and let me know so that we can schedule the call.

JV Support Link

Any of you who have ever chatted with me by phone, know that I don't know when to stop talking. ;-)

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Ken said...

Hi Ron,

Many thanks for this post! Yes, I'm enthusiastic about this book, because I think that it can make a difference in so many lives, just like you have made a difference in mine.

You are a wonderful resource for your readers.

It's great to see you out there having a great impact in the world!

I'm thrilled to be seeing you again at jvAlert Live.

See you soon!

All the best,


Ken McArthur

NicheProf said...

You are too kind with your comments, Ken, but then again, that is you true nature.

See you at JV Alert Live in early June.