Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Opportunity for You to Pay It Forward and Help a Talented Human Battle Cancer

The following is a note I received from a friend of mine on one of my social platforms (EmpireAvenue). I've requested and received his permission to share it with other here:

Many of you know I have a friend who is fighting cancer, he is a blind guitar teacher and performer, incredible human being, we have created a charity auction on EBay with eclectic items, pls take a look, if something interests you great, if not, figure out a way to pass this along, for more eyeballs..

If you bid on something or pass it along through Facebook, Linked in etc etc..Pls message me, and I will do something for you here on EA..

Appreciate you very much for your help



Matt's Charity Ebay Auction is now live..

Your bid is incredibly important, you are helping to save Matt's life by bidding on these items.

Matt is fighting Leio Myosarcoma, a rare cancer that requires expensive treatment. Matt has overcome incredible odds to become a talented Musician. Blind since he was 2 years old, he has attained a Bachelors degree in music, with an emphasis in classical guitar performance. He also works as a guitar teacher to 100's of students, has performed with several working bands and continues to write and compose new music. Matt also volunteers with organizations that provide training services to other people who are vision impaired, helping them to overcome the challenges that Matt himself has conquered.

Matt is an incredible light, he has touched so many people and is a gift to all of us. Take the time to read about what others think and say, get to know him and see that keeping Matt around is important to all of us.

Watch this video from Matt B to you...

Matt cannot work and has few resources, so we are all doing everything we can to support Matt in his fight so he can share his gifts with the world. 100% of all that is raised is going directly towards Matt's treatment. Every bid helps, every person you refer to this page helps. Even if you do not win the item there are still some important ways you can help.

* Check on the other auctions that we are holding to support Matt. Nearly 100 unique items donated by his friends and family, there is bound to be something here for you.

* Send as many people as you can to this and other auctions. The more people see these items the better chance we have.

* Join his Facebook group and encourage others to join so we can continue to support him in every way we can. MattB vs. Cancer Facebook Page

* Read his blog and keep up to date with Matt's journey, videos, stories and pictures.

* Consider donating directly to his give forward campaign, every dollar counts, no matter how small.

* To learn more about Leio Myosarcoma visit

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kelly said...

Cancer treatments do not need to be expensive! The deception is that cancer in one organ (or bone) is different from cancer in another part of the body. This is NOT true! Wishing your friend all the best!