Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Charlie "Tremendous" Jones on Leadership

I maintain we are all leaders.

The point in question is not, “Are you a leader?”

The point in question is this:

“Are you leading people up?

Are you leading people down?

Are you leading them in? Out? All about?”

And really the question is always, “What is your motive?”

There are only two motives: one is for you—which is the way we all start out.

The other is when God becomes the driving force in your life, and then you do it for others.

You can not do it for yourself because the selfishness, our ego, gets in the way.

As you grow mature in the Lord, and He begins to have a little more of His way, you begin to have a little less of your way.

It is so much more wonderful to see how He works through you rather than you working for Him: One is showmanship and the other is bemanship.

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