Wednesday, April 30, 2008

**Are You Willing to Invest $97 Today to Connect Forever? Plus...My Confession!

I swear upon my 14 years online that "Live Events" are the single
ingredient that most aspiring online business owners have missing
from their business plans.

I have a confession to share with you...I did not attend my first
Internet Conference until I had been online for 11 years! That's
right...11 years. It was the second Internet Success System event
hosted by Mark Hendricks in Tampa, Florida during October, 2005.

Now that date may not mean much to you, however, it is a benchmark
in my online career and the seeds of this community. In addition,
the conference was cut a day short by an uninvited "lady"...
Hurricane Rita!

I can still remember the number of unclaimed name badges at the back
of the room with attendees who chose not to weather the storm (yes,
Oleg and Tatiana your badges were among them). I refused to be
discouraged by the path of a mere Hurricane.

I did wonder if there was some underlying force at work telling me
not to attend live Internet events. My first scheduled event was
Jack Humphrey's Content Desk "Mardi Gras" event that was trumped
by a more powerful "lady"... Hurricane Katrina that struck New
Orleans a few days before the conference. still owe me
a dinner. As if I'm going hungry! lol

Hourly monitoring of the Weather Channel put to rest any thoughts
that I would be traveling to my first "live" Internet Conference as
I watched the curtains blow in the wind from the blown out window
shells of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. See what I mean?

Jack and his partners refused to give up and they were able to pull
off one of the very first multi-day Internet Event by having the
scheduled guests conduct their presentations online and via phone.

If I had not discovered the potential power of "live" events when I
attended and presented at assorted academic and real estate
conferences and conventions, I might never have made the required
investment to attend "live" Internet Events!

That would have been a MONUMENTAL mistake!

It would have put a stranglehold on my online potential and the
number of friends that I have made within this community and the
world at large!

Believe it or not...I am basically a rather quiet and shy person.
Like many of you, I find it uncomfortable to approach strangers at
events. BUT...the potential rewards far outweigh the bruises to
one's ego.

If I had failed to attend "live" conferences, I never would have
met some of my closest IM and real world friends.

We rarely give ourselves enough credit. When I as in Austin, I was
hesitant to approach Marlon Sanders. When I found myself in a group
that included Marlon I extended my hand in introduction and I was
greeted by a "Marlonesque" style booming response of "______ I know
the NicheProf". ;-)

Later when I was having a couple of photos taken with my friends
Marc Harty and Jeff Dedrick, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming asked me if I didn't
want a photo with him too. I had not asked Dr. Mike because he was
busy with hosting duties and I had an earlier photo with him from
JV Alert in San Diego, 2006. Of course, I got a new photo of the
"Two Docs" and learned another important lesson. Don't be timid!

I want to implore you to meet me in person within the next 45 days.

I'll be with Stephen Pierce and my friends from the "land down
under" in Dallas May 22nd-25th. The registration is just $97 and
you'll receive a "passport" that gives you "free" admission to any
additional WIS Events in the coming 12 months!

This is a tremendous opportunity for you to meet some Internet
Marketers that you have seen and followed online from a distance.
The event hosts have established a mission that encourages and
allows you to "speak one-on-one with the world's best internet
experts (yes you can take them aside after their presentation
and have your questions answered personally) - these are people
who make over $200K a year FROM the internet - not salespeople,
not teachers."

Where? Dallas, Texas, May 22-25th, 2008.

Any of you attending the event will receive a special bonus that
gives you a unique product with great marketing potential:

"EXCLUSIVE: You'll walk away with 2 in-demand, brand new products
(which we have created ONLY for attendees - you can sell them over
and over for $997 and $4,997 respectively. PLUS ... you'll also be
given marketing materials too - so that you can get started as soon
as you leave."

Now a critical reminder about our Internet Super Stars Conference to
be held in the Baltimore/Washington DC on June 14-15th. The $97
registration fee increases to $197 on May 1st at 1pm Eastern Time in
the U.S.

In addition to myself, this conference is hosted by Mark Hendricks,
Alan Bechtold, Jeff Wark, Lori Steffan, David Perdew, Criss Bertling,
Cindi Dawson and Bill Thomas.

Please read the conference details here

Because, I want to encourage you to join us for a wonderful time of
sharing and learning, I will form a personal mastermind group with
any community members who register through my sponsorship link. I
promise to actively participate in the Mastermind Group for at least
6 months! In addition, those of you who register for the special
"Gold Ticket" will have the opportunity to be my guest for a lunch
or breakfast during the conference and we'll discuss your particular
needs and questions.

I want you to register TODAY so that you can benefit from the
"early-bird" registration rate of only $97 that goes away at 1 pm
Eastern Time USA tomorrow, May 1st!

Save money by registering early here.

Attending live events and conferences are the best way that I know
to explode your online presence and business!

While you may not become an "Internet Millionaire" because you make
the wise investment of time, energy and funds to attend this event,
but, I can assure you, it will be one of the best investments that
you can make in yourself and your future this year.

Please make every effort to join me in Dallas, May 22nd-25th; in
Philadelphia at JV Alert June 6th-8th and, finally, June 14th and
15th in Baltimore!

Event details are here and we've put together a massive income
opportunity reserved for only those who attend the conferences!

World Internet Summit - Dallas, Texas May 22nd thru 25th, 2008

Internet Super Stars Conference - Baltimore, Maryland, June 14th thru 15th, 2008

A must have PLR Video Article Set of 15 videos that help you start
your own business and then profit from them by using them to show
your friends and people in your local and online communities how to
start their own small businesses the RIGHT way.

One again, I am making this 15 Video Article Set available with
your choice of "Personal Use Only" or "Unrestricted - MRR" PLR

This is a perfect companion to Andrew Cavanagh's "Offline Gold"
series that I just shared with you the other day.

Remember that as a bonus for any community members taking advantage
of Andrew's new offer, I'll give you my new 47 page publication
"The NicheProf's Guide to Mastering Aweber: A Step-by-Step Blueprint."

Enjoy and continue to grow and prosper.

Dr. Ron the NicheProf

P.S. Don't forget to grab your set of 15 PLR Video Articles that
show how to start a small business while they are only hours old!


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James just opened the doors to this year's "Golden Week Giveaway"
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