Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Guarantee That You Can be Just Like John Resse, Mike Filsaime and many more...

I guarantee that you can be just like John Reese, Mike Filsaime,
Willie Crawford, Ken McArthur, Alex Jeffrys, Elsom Eldridge Jr.,
Liz Tomey, Mark Flavn, Lisa Preston, Alvin Phang, David Perdew,
Bev Clement, Andrew Bourland, Marc Harty, JP Schoeffel, Jeff Wark,
Lori Steffan, Warren Whitlock, Tony Blake, Coach Deb Micek, Duncan
Carver, Wayne Van Dyck, Tom Beal, Alex Perez-Prat, James Brown,
Reed Floren, Mark Roth, Michelle Brouse, Bob Jenkins, Martin Allsop,
Dee Ferdinand and more...

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I really haven't meant to neglect you lately, however, I've been
extremely busy digging out from the backlog of my trip to the
Warrior Conference in Austin and wrapping up the last week before
finals at the University.

I have managed to put together a top notch group of a Social Media
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I also want to remind you of our Internet Super Stars Conference to
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In addition to myself, this conference is hosted by Mark Hendricks,
Alan Bechtold, Jeff Wark, Lori Steffan, David Perdew, Criss Bertling,
Cindi Dawson and Bill Thomas.

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Because, I want to encourage you to join us for a wonderful time of
sharing and learning, I will form a personal mastermind group with
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promise to actively participate in the Mastermind Group for at least
6 months! In addition, those of you who register for the special
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Attending live events and conferences are the best way that I know
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While you may not become an "Internet Millionaire" because you make
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you can make in yourself and your future this year.

Please make every effort to join me June 14th and 15th in Baltimore!

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Dr. Ron the NicheProf

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